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NAREE's 69th Annual Journalism Contest Winners
Published Friday, June 28, 2019 9:00 pm

affect someone’s ability to pay their mortgage is based on a study that was the first to look at this issue. The story is a must-read for anyone, healthy or not, who has a mortgage.


Category 17: Best Online Commercial Real Estate Story



CAMERON SPERANCE, Bisnow, “The Opioid Epidemic Is Turning Commercial Buildings Into Deadly Hazmat Zones, and No One Knows What To Do About It”


Judges’ comment: A detailed look at how the commercial real estate industry is dealing with people overdosing on fentanyl, leaving a hazmat situation behind. Cleanup crews have to come into an office building, a library, a supermarket or just about any other commercial location and make the area habitable again. In addition, the story looks at what options the industry has going forward. Sperance has excellent sources and wonderful description based on following companies and business organizations for four months. 



JARRED SCHENKE, Bisnow, “Grave Climate Realities Do Little to Dissuade Builders Chasing Profits, Population On the Coasts”


Judges’ comment: An insightful look as to how developers are turning a blind eye to climate change and instead continuing to take risks and continuing to build along coastlines that are subject to hurricanes, storms and rising seas. Schenke’s use of dollar figures about damage are interspersed with comments from developers who say they are simply following the demand, which remains concentrated on the coasts.




BLANCA TORRES, San Francisco Business Times, “Exclusive: Fight Between Church and Historic Preservation Group Shows Why It’s So Hard to Build in San Francisco”


Judges’ comment: Torres uses the example of the Fifth Church of Christ Scientist and its dispute with San Francisco Heritage as to why developers get frustrated when trying to develop housing in San Francisco. Torres did an excellent job of getting all sides of the story while detailing the obstacles developers sometimes face in San Francisco. 


Category 18: Best Real Estate Tweet Collection



CARL FRANZEN, Inman News, Collection includes “Opendoor Raises Funds”


Judges’ comment: Franzen uses effective Twitter strategies, including creating a story arc through a series of threaded tweets. Fresh and attention-getting, this collection of tweets pokes, probes and, most importantly, informs, with links to top stories on the website. 



LOIS WEISS, Columnist, The New York Post:  Collection includes “Commercial Real Estate is Taking a Positive Turn” 


Judges’ comment: In this collection of tweets centering on commercial real estate, Weiss strikes a good balance between giving her Twitter followers the meat of her linked stories and entertaining them with a fresh point of view.



TONY WILBERT, CoStar News, Collection includes “CBL Repositions Fortress Mall"


Judges’ comment: In this collection of tweets, Wilbert uses Twitter to cover breaking news. The tweets effectively connected with followers and CoStar readers, who frequently liked and retweeted them.


Category 19: Best Real Estate Short Blogpost – NO WINNER


Category 20: Best Audio or Video Real Estate Report – Podcast, Broadcast or Online



JONATHAN HORN, KGTV-San Diego, “How housing got so expensive”


Judges’ comment: Horn shows us the housing crisis in San Diego through the eyes of a young veterinarian tech who’s moved seven times in six years due to rent increases and feels she’s slowly being pushed out of the city. The thoroughly reported story includes compelling numbers and simple but effective graphics that help the viewer understand the complex forces behind the crisis.



SHANNON BEHNKEN, WFLA News Channel 8, “Building Blunder”


Judges’ comment: This is an unusual story about a builder who had to cut 4 feet off a house that was too close to the next-door neighbor’s home. In a great example of consumer advocate reporting, Behnken gets relief for the neighbor, who spotted the problem before the builder or the county did, and who ran into a brick wall trying to get them to do anything about it.



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