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NAREE's 69th Annual Journalism Contest Winners
Published Friday, June 28, 2019 9:00 pm

overseas and live there full-time or for significant periods of time. The details make the story: how they navigate home ownership, visas and other issues.  Warning: this story may make you consider following one of these couples to Costa Rica, France, New Zealand, Portugal or Thailand.



NATALIE WONG, Bloomberg News, “Even New Yorkers Can’t Afford a Home in Toronto”


Judges’ comment: Wong finds a unique way to tell the story of Toronto’s hot real estate market. It’s so hot that even New Yorkers contemplating a move there are shocked into reconsidering their plans. Pricing, income and other details add a lot to the story.




Category 26: Best Team Report - Real Estate



NOAH BUHAYAR & DINA BASS, Bloomberg Businessweek, “How Big Tech Swallowed Seattle”


Judges’ comment: This is a vividly written exposition of Seattle’s tech boom and the role that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen played in it. The reporters use abundant data, colorful examples and graphics to illustrate the boom and its consequences: growing inequality and unaffordable housing in the city. A timely and cautionary tale that was published as U.S. cities were competing for Amazon’s second headquarters.



DAVID SLADE & ANGIE JACKSON, The Post and Courier, “Deep Roots, Fragile Ties”


Judges’ comment: Slade and Jackson focused their reporting on African Americans in the Charleston area whose heirs bought or were deeded land after emancipation and their struggles to preserve ownership of the land. The result is a beautifully written, deeply reported story of hope and determination after years of inequities.



NOAH BUHAYAR & ESME DEPREZ, Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities”


Judges’ comment:  With gripping personal stories and rich data, the reporters debunk common myths about homelessness and show how it’s a growing problem. A story that is both richly detailed and sweeping in scope.



CHRISTOPHER HUFFAKER & KATE GIAMMARISE, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “The money owed in eviction cases is often small, but the consequences can be huge”


Judges’ comment: The reporters focused on the problem of large numbers of evictions in Pittsburgh that hit low-income renters, often ruining their records and lives. Vivid, well-written and examines the impact on landlords and courts as well.



CANDACE TAYLOR & KATHERINE CLARKE, Wall Street Journal, “New York’s Wealthiest Cut Losses as Manhattan Real Estate Falters”


Judges’ comment: In this richly documented story, the authors show how owners are slashing prices on their multi-million-dollar homes in New York City to land a sale. Through interviews with some of the owners, we learn the personal stories behind the deals. The story includes rich photos and graphics. 


Category 27: Best Design, Home or Shelter Magazine



MAE CHENG, PETE CATAPANO, LUCY BLATTER, BARRY AINSLIE, & THE MANSION GLOBAL TEAM — Dow Jones / Mansion Global magazine, Dow Jones, September 2018 issue


Judges’ comment: This visually lush magazine serves its high net-worth audience with interesting stories accompanied by stunning photography from such glamorous locales as St. Tropez and Dubai. Shorter features entertain, such as Trudie Styler and Sting’s list of their five favorite things in their Tuscan villa (one is a sculpture made from a birch tree).    


Category 28: Best Residential Real Estate Trade Magazine



MATT POWER, Green Builder magazine, January/February 2018 issue


Judges’ comment: This issue fulfills the magazine’s mission of “building a better world.” Packed full of good service pieces, Green Builder give readers news they can use, such as what kind of homes can withstand storms and other natural disasters. Visually appealing through design and photography, this issue was small but powerful.



SUZANN SILVERMAN, Multi-Housing News, October 2018 issue



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