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NAREE Announces 2010 Bruss Book Award Winners
Published Tuesday, June 8, 2010 7:00 am

National Association of Real Estate Editors Announces Bruss Book Award Winners

AUSTIN, TX (June 4, 2010) – The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) has named the 2010 winners of the Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards, recognizing excellence in recently published works.

Winning the first place Gold Award in the competition is: Anthony Downs for "Real Estate and the Financial Crisis," published by The Urban Land Institute. NAREE Book Competition Head Judge Allen Norwood commented:  "I read this book cover to cover, after completing the sample section. It provided clear explanations of important topics, such as the differences among the housing indices widely reported across the country. Many of the inherent limits, or flaws, I've come to feel intuitively. Now I understand more completely. And that understanding is crucial as we dissect the crisis, and look to the future."

Winning the Silver Award are: Marcia Stewart, Janet Portman and Michael Molinski for  “First-Time Landlord: Renting out a Single Family Home,” published by Nolo, Inc. NAREE Book Competition Head Judge Allen Norwood commented: "An especially timely book, with so many families considering renting their homes. And it's user friendly, easy to navigate, which you'd expect from Nolo and USA Today. It's sure to save lots of struggling families money and protect them from legal headaches."

Winning the Bronze Award is Dwight H. Merriam for “At the Cutting Edge 2008: Land Use Law from the Urban Lawyer," published by American Bar Association.  NAREE Book Competition Head Judge Allen Norwood commented: "Terrific political context for the green building movement. This book belongs on the desk of anyone who writes about green building -- the background is sure to improve stories -- and on the desk of anyone who answers calls from readers or constituents about green building rules and costs."

NAREE's First-Time Author Award winner is Dale Robyn Siegel for “The New Rules for Mortgages,” published by Penquin/Alpha. NAREE Book Competition Head Judge Allen Norwood commented: "This book is packed with invaluable insider tips on how to manage your finances to obtain a mortgage. I especially liked the detailed advice on credit scores and bankruptcies. The information is clear and no-nonsense -- and might well contradict what you heard from your brother-in-law or the guy in the car service waiting room. As the author points out, the mortgage landscape is changing rapidly, so it's more important than ever to sort fact from fallacy."

Allen Norwood, a freelance editor of HGTV online, retired Homes Editor, Charlotte Observer, and past NAREE vice president judged the competition along with Judith Stark, freelance editor and writer, retired real estate and homes editor for the St. Petersburg Times and NAREE past president; and Michael Frolove, instructor at the Real Estate Institute, Temple University and a licensed real estate broker and appraiser in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
The Gold Award winner received $1,000. The Silver Award was $500 and the Bronze was $250. The First-Time Author Award was $250.
“This year's winners exemplify NAREE's far reach in the broad field of real estate. They include those who write on topics such as the housing and financial crisis, the latest mortgage regulations and what they mean to the average home buyer, land use and how to become a landlord for the first time,” said NAREE president Lauren Beale, who writes the Hot Properties column for the Los Angeles Times. “The awards have raised awareness of the important part books play in our areas of coverage.”

Books focused on home buying, selling, leasing, renting, mortgage finance, green building, urban design, investing, architecture, construction and other related topics were considered in the contest.
NAREE’s Bruss Book Awards program was started three years ago to recognize excellence by real estate authors. It is named for the late Robert Bruss, syndicated real estate columnist, prolific writer and a longtime NAREE leader. Bruss, who died in 2007, frequently wrote reviews of realty books.

NAREE, a non-profit association of writers celebrating 81 years of service, was founded in 1929. The awards were presented June 4 at NAREE’s 44th Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference in Austin, Texas.

The Bruss Book Awards are sponsored by NAREE members Leigh Robinson, founder of Express Publishing and Brad Inman founder of Inman News. Robinson serves on NAREE's board of directors and Inman is a past president of NAREE.

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