NAREE's Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference

To come to NAREE's June Austin Conference follow the 3 steps below that apply to you:

1. Join or pay your 2019 dues (if you haven't already - does not apply to speakers or regional media covering the conference.). Click on the Join/Renew Tab or Join NAREE – CLICK HERE

2. After your 2019 dues are paid, Download and fill out the Austin 2019 Conference Registration Form. Please read NAREE's Policy on the Conference Code of Conduct immediately following these steps. (Applies to all. – Speakers must fill out the registration form, but do not have pay registration fees if they are not attending the full conference.)

3a. Industry Associate Members and Speakers: please make your hotel reservation directly with the Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel at the special NAREE conference rate of $199.  The $199 NAREE conference rate represents a discount of at least $100 nightly. ASSOCIATES – CLICK HERE

3b. Media Members Only: please make your hotel reservation directly with the Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel at the $159 media only rate: MEDIA ONLY – CLICK HERE

NAREE hotel room block rates are subject to expire on May 15, 2019.  The Hyatt may extend the rate at its discretion. But don't count on it. Austin is a tight hotel market.

Those who register for the NAREE Conference after May 15 may not have their names published in the Austin Conference Program book in the Conference Pre-registrant section.

On-site NAREE conference registration is only available on a space available basis. Call or text: 561-391-1983 before you make plans to make sure registration is still available.

Questions/problems with registration or membership — contact the NAREE office. Email: or text/voicemail: 561-391-1983.  

NAREE Conference Policy Statement — Code of Conduct

NAREE’s conference mission is to bring members together to elevate the profession of real estate journalism by providing a platform to exchange best practices in real estate journalism and to learn about the latest trends, innovations, forecasts and resources in the real estate industry. Many thousands of hours — including volunteer hours — go into creating an environment that fosters this mission. To assure that everyone involved with the conference benefits fully from the conference, NAREE, following a move by other professional organizations, has created a code of conduct. This code of conduct is specifically designed to support a healthy, safe and non-threatening environment for all.

 Conference registrants, leaders, moderators, volunteers, speakers, panelists, and conference staff must read and agree to follow NAREE’s conference policy before they attend the conference.

 This code of conduct policy applies to all NAREE conferees (listed above) and all conference and event spaces, including registration, meeting rooms, reception areas, hospitality suites, field trip transportation and venues, as well as and social media referencing NAREE and/or #NAREE2019. 

 Conferees must agree to comport themselves in a professional manner while attending NAREE conference events, just as they are expected to do in their respective workplaces. They must exercise good judgment not to intentionally offend, intimidate or harass fellow conferees. All conferees should take good care to remain in group event areas during conference event functions and to follow safe practices during off hours.

 Here are some specific protocols:

If you have any concerns that a conference participant or group of participants is not following NAREE’s policy and/or you believe that an individual or group is deliberately behaving in an unhealthy, intimidating or harassing manner, please contact NAREE’s Executive Director or a member of NAREE’s Executive Board immediately. If you cannot spot a NAREE leader during meeting hours, please go to the NAREE Conference Registration Desk and request that a NAREE leader come to the desk to meet with you.  If you are at a NAREE social event, please contact the NAREE event leader listed in the conference program book who will contact NAREE’s Executive Director and Executive Board Members as quickly as possible. Please note NAREE conference media leader photos are in the conference program book. 

If the unacceptable behavior emanates from someone not affiliated with the conference, and you are not in a conference area, please go to the Front Desk of the hotel and ask for hotel security first. Please also ask the hotel representative to help you contact a NAREE leader to assist you. 

If a NAREE leader has been contacted regarding an episode of harassing, intimidating or physical misbehavior, after the fact, that leader will contact NAREE’s Executive Director and NAREE’s President. NAREE executive leaders will assess the situation by speaking to both parties as quickly as possible and contacting appropriate authorities if warranted — there will be no exceptions to this protocol. 

Conference participants who are engaged in blatantly intimidating and harassing behavior will be asked to stop the offensive behavior immediately. Participants in question are expected to comply immediately. NAREE conference leaders will warn all associated with the conference who are not acting in the spirit of the conference mission that they may be asked to leave the conference.

Here are some specific examples of unacceptable behaviors: 

  • Voicing offensive comments to others at the conference related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion and disability.
  • Deliberately intimidating or stalking others at the conference.
  • Initiating inappropriate or non-consensual physical contact and/or unwelcome sexual attention at any time during NAREE’s conference.
  • Disrupting speakers, panelists, moderators or NAREE leaders at NAREE conference events.
  • Defacing NAREE property and/or breaking into locked NAREE conference spaces and unlawfully removing or damaging property that is not their own.

If a participant in question has been warned, ignores the warning and continues to engage in inappropriate behavior, NAREE’s Executive Director and Executive Board may immediate expel the participant in question from the NAREE conference without a conference fee refund, among other appropriate action. If criminal activity is suspected, law-enforcement officials will be contacted. If physical abuse is suspected, medical and mental-health professionals may be contacted as well.

Audio Visual/Social Media Harassment:  NAREE asks that all associated with the conference ask permission before taking photos or recording other conferees and placing said photos and recordings on social media or Web sites of any kind; or disseminating said photos and recordings in any manner whatsoever. Photos of and comments by panelists are exempt from this policy and may be distributedPlease note: NAREE reserves and retains the right to appoint official photographers and videographers at the conference to photograph and record group events for publicity and educational purposes. Any individual who does not want to be officially photographed or recorded either individually or as part of a group shot, must email the conference director at five (5) working days prior to the Wednesday start of the conference, and must make every effort to step out of any posed photos or pre-planned videos.


NAREE Heads to Austin June 26-29, 2019 for its 53rd Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference

The Hyatt Regency Austin overlooks the city’s skyscrapers and is just 30 steps from the 10-mile hiking trail that encircles the lake. NAREE’s HQ hotel also offers boating, swimming and myriad other health and fitness options. Conferees can also walk to Austin’s famous “Bat Bridge’ at sunset or head to nearby South Congress' fun and funky dining and shopping haunts, downtown, Rainey Street or Sixth Street. 
NAREE University’s peer-to-peer skill-building journalism workshops will be offered at breakfast and lunch each day of the confab.  Journalists covering commercial and residential real estate will also hear about future trends in affordable housing, vertical mixed use, new office environs and can compare data analytics from economists, industry analysts, developers, builders, brokers and others in panel sessions moderated by NAREE’s award-winning media leaders. 
NAREE’s 69h annual real estate journalism awards will be presented on Friday, June 28 at the Hyatt. NAREE will curate a cutting-edge real estate tour of Austin and nightly networking receptions and hospitality suites will round out the program of events. NAREE’s 2019 Austin conference begins at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 26 and concludes on Saturday, June 29 at 10 a.m.
Austin Conference Tentative Agenda -- as of April 18, 2019

Check for Agenda Updates here on • Schedule subject to change - Note: not all NAREE functions are on the same floor; check below for exceptions.

Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel

Green Room - Speaker Ready Room • Wed - Fri -  Texas 6, second floor

Cyber Cafe - Press Room • Wed - Fri -  Texas 5, second floor

Zen Tea - Quiet Press Room • Wed - Fri -  Texas 7, second floor

Wednesday • June 26 (All sessions in Texas Ballrooms 1-3, second floor unless indicated below. Tour is off-site.) 

 8:30 AM  Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up – Texas Ballroom 1-3 Foyer, second floor

 8:30 AM  Welcome Breakfast & NAREE University: The World Is Your Newsroom

 9:30 AM  Opening Address:

 10:00AM  Welcome to Austin

 10:30 AM Morining sessions continue

NOON       Lunch & NAREE University: Being Eye-Catching

 1:05 PM   Speaker

 1:40 PM   Trends

 2:40 PM   Analytics  

 3:15 PM   Trends

 4:00 PM   Analytics

 5:00 PM   Opening Reception - Southwest Bistro, second floor, overlooking Lady Bird Lake and downtown

 6:05 PM to 8:00 PM  All Aboard NAREE Tour: TBA

 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM  President's Hospitality Suite (Suite number at registration desk) Hors d'oeuvres and libations with great company.  The NAREE Suite is NAREE's best-loved and longest-standing tradition.  Be a part of it! 

Thursday • June 27 (All sessions are in Texas Ballrooms 1-3, second floor. Tour is off-site.)

 7:15 AM Energize

 8:30 AM Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up -- Texas Ballroom 1-3 Foyer

 8:30 AM   NAREE University Breakfast: Deal With It!

 9:30 AM  Sessions continue

12:00 PM  Lunch & NAREE University:New Media Species

 1:05 PM  Disruptors

 2:05 PM   Trends

 3:05 PM   Symposium 

 4:00 PM   Analytics

 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM  Throwback Thursday Reception  - Texas Ballroom Foyer, second floor 

 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM  President's Hospitality Suite (Suite number at registration desk) Light dinner and libations with great company. The NAREE Suite is NAREE's best-loved and longest-standing tradition. Be a part of it!

Friday • June 28 • Awards Day (All sessions in the are in the Texas Ballrooms 1-3, second floor unless indicated below.)

 8:00 AM Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up - Texas Ballroom 1-3 Foyer, second floor

 8:00 AM NAREE University Breakfast: Striking Gold - Mining Public Databases

 8:50 AM Trends 

 9:50 AM Outlook.

10:45 AM  Mid-Year Economic Forecast 

NOON       NAREE's Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards Luncheon & Awards Presentation -  Foothills II meeting room, 17th Floor

1:10 PM   Trends

1:45 PM   Spotlight

2:40 PM   Analytics

3:45 PM    NAREE’s Meet the Press - Zilker Ballroom 1, first floor

6:15 PM    Journalists Red Carpet Reception - Foothills II, 17th floor

7:00 PM  to 9:00 PM  69th Annual NAREE Journalism Competition Awards Presentation and Reception -- Award Presentation NAREE President, NAREE Vice President and NAREE Chairman of the Board - Texas Ballroom, second floor

Saturday • June 29 (Both sessions: Upstairs 17th floor in the Foothills II meeting room.

 8:30 AM    NAREE University Breakfast: Saturday Morning Review of Award Winning Work  with top journalist winners of NAREE's 69th Annual Competition - Foothills II, 17th floor

 9:30 AM    General Membership Meeting -- NAREE President - Foothills II, 17th floor

10:00 AM   Conference Ends.

AUSTIN 2019 NAREE University: Professional Development To Be Your Best You

By Catie Dixon, Bisnow Managing Editor and  NAREE Vice President

Journalism is becoming faster, more competitive and more tense, and so many reporters and editors these days have half an eye on layoffs. It’s more important than ever to keep your skills up and harder than ever to keep your stress down. NAREE University is coming to the rescue.

As this year’s dean of NAREE University, I've curated a professional development curriculum you don’t want to miss.

Peer-led NAREE University sessions will equip journalists to deal with changes in the news industry and produce higher-quality news report. Panels will address working remotely, digging into public documents, identifying the best visuals for stories and more. Office Hours, a new mentorship program at the NAREE con- ference, will allow attendees to get individual or small-group guidance on challenges they face.

And because a world gone mad means you need to slow down, we’re introducing Energize, a guided activity where we can shake off the stresses of the job and learn coping mechanisms for when the newsroom gets extra intense.

NAREE will also introduce a mentoring program at the Austin Conference, called "Office Hours" run by Boston-based Bisnow reporter Cameron Sperance.  Stay tuned for details.

NAREE’s Meet the Press in Austin

By NAREE Sue Doerfler, NAREE Past President, Meet the Press Chair, and former award-winning journalist wth the Arizona Republic 

Where can reporters and editors get 10 to 20 potential story ideas in an hour? Where can publicists pitch their story ideas in person to a wide variety of publications in a short period of time? Where can columnists and freelancers consult with editors about their columns or learn more about what publications need in the way of information? Where can authors go to tell the media about their books? NAREE’s Meet the Press.

This event, now in its 23rd year, promises a fun, fast-paced and informative opportunity for both Journalist and Industry members from around the country to meet at one time, under one roof. During this year’s event, which is slated for Friday, June 28, at approximately 3:45 p.m. Conference registrants can sign up for a series of three-minute, one-on-one interviews with dozens of journalists who are participating. Sign-up sheets will be in the registration area the first three days of the conference. You can only sign up for NAREE's Meet the Press at the NAREE Conference.

         Tips for public relations professionals:

  • Before you sign up for an appointment, do your homework. Make sure it’s a good match. If your want to talk about residential real estate, don't sign up for a meeting with reporters who cover ONLY commercial real estate. Get to know the media outlet and the work of the individual by checking online ahead of time.  Meet the Press isn't until Friday, June 28  so you have time to re-check info about reporters even after you arrive.

  • Show off your new products, clients and projects to editors, writers and columnists.

  • Hand out flash drives filled with the information. These are lighter and less bulky than press kits for journalists to carry back home. Be sure to have an online link to your information to text the journalist you are meeting with if possible.  Not everyone wants a flash drive.

  • Check the Meet the Press Sign-up sheets occasionally. Sometimes appointments are changed or canceled and you may be able to sign up for an unexpected opening. 

    Tips for journalists:

  • Come to Meet the Press at least 10 minutes early and find the table with your name on it.

  • Bring your laptop to show off your digital publication.

  • Don’t forget a stack of business cards, too.

    Tips for everyone:

      • Be sure to have fun. Meet the Press is a great way to meet other NAREE members.


Conference Attire

Business casual.  Lightweight summer clothing. Bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunglasses, and a sweater or jacket for inside conference rooms.  Many award-winners wear cocktail clothes for the Friday night awards program.


Airport Transport

It's 8.4 miles from the Austin Airport - AUS - Austin–Bergstrom International Airport to the Hyatt Regency. You can take a dedicated city bus for $1.50; a shuttle bus for $14, a taxi from $20 to $27, as well as an Uber. Overnight self parking at the Hyatt runs approximately $26.


Shipping Packages to the Hyatt Regency

Due to limited storage, please do not send packages more than two (2) days prior to your event.

Deliveries that arrive prior to this will be subject to a $50.00 storage fee per day.


Please Address Shipments as Follows:
TO: Hyatt Regency Austin - Receiving Department
HOLD FOR ARRIVAL- NAREE - Mary Doyle-Kimball Exec. Dir.
ATTN: [Contact Name & Phone Number] & [Exhibitor Company Name]

208 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704

For expedited delivery, have tracking numbers with you.

Contact the Hyatt directly for handling charges on your specific shipping needs.