Founded in 1929, NAREE has more than 650 members nationwide. The association meets in different US cities three times per year.

In the Winter, NAREE members gather for a Design Trends Snapshot and Networking Reception during the National Association of Home Builders "International Builders Show."

In the late Spring/early Summer, members meet for NAREE's Annual Spring Conference. NAREE leaders put together panels of newsmakers and trend setters to discuss issues of the day and to answer reporter questions on breaking stories. Professional development sessions and/or area tours are also scheduled. NAREE's Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference includes NAREE University peer-to-peer journalism workshops and "NAREE's Meet the Press," a one-on-one opportunity for freelance writers, columnists, and publicists to take part in a mini press tour -- visiting with up to a dozen of the nation's leading real estate journalists gathered under one roof. The association also presents awards to the winners of the annual journalism competition and the Bruss Book Competition. 

In the Fall, members gather for Fall Summit and Installation of Officers and Awards Dinner. The President's Award for Outstanding Service is presented. The Fall Summit is held as members gather the National Association of Realtors Convention. NAREE strives to maintain a presence at other industry meetings including the Urban Land Institute as volunteer time allows.



Chairman of the Board
Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer
Dion Haynes, The Washington Post
Vice President
Beth DeCarbo, The Wall Street Journal
Second Vice President
Alice Muncaster, Counselors of Real Estate
Jason Hidalgo, Reno Gazette-Journal
Shonda Novak, Austin American-Statesman
Active Directors
Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News
Neil Callanan, Bloomberg News
Catie Dixon, Bisnow Media
Jeff Ostrowski, Palm Beach Post
J. Scott Trubey, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Lorraine Woellert, POLITICO
Associate Directors
Michael Walsh, The Real Reporter
Brett Widness, Urban Land Magazine

Executive Director
Mary Doyle-Kimball 

NAREE 2018 President's Message

By Dion Haynes, The Washington Post

NAREE’s 2018 Leaders to Aim for Avenues to Promote High Caliber Journalism

Fake news. These days journalism – and those who produce it – are being attacked on several fronts.

News organizations large and small are doing lots of soul searching to combat the attacks while raising standards to ensure journalists' work stands up to the heightened scrutiny.

NAREE is no different. Of course, our annual contest and conference sessions are designed to promote and encourage high-quality journalism. But board members have been discussing other ways to highlight rigorous reporting standards and build credibility in our journalist members.

Several ideas are under review. We hope to have our work complete and be ready to make some announcements at the June conference. What I can share with you now is we've enlisted Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism to judge our annual contest. Northwestern, one of the top journalism schools in the nation, will give our contest even more validity than it already has.

One area I'd like to focus on this year is highlighting the tremendous talent we have in NAREE. We are in good hands. Not only do we have a fantastic and dedicated executive director in Mary Doyle-Kimball, but we have highly accomplished new leaders who were recently elected to our board: (See full board list above.)

Beth DeCarbo, vice president, is deputy editor of The Wall Street Journal's Mansion section.

Alice Muncaster, second vice president, is director of communications for The Counselors of Real Estate and a former Associated Press reporter.

Jason Hidalgo, treasurer, is an economic development reporter for the Reno Gazette- Journal.

Shonda Novak, secretary, is a real estate writer for the Austin American-Statesman. Jeff Ostrowski, active director, is a real estate and economic development reporter

for the Palm Beach Post in Florida.

Lorraine Woellert, active director, is a housing and financial services policy reporter for POLITICO.

Scott Trubey, active director, is the commercial real estate and economic development reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Michael Walsh, associate director, is founder and publisher of The Real Reporter and therealreporter.com.

I'm real estate editor at The Washington Post.

This year, I'd like us to find a way to draw more attention to members who are past contest winners. A Grammy or Oscar winner is always identified as such. Maybe we could do something similar. For instance, in introducing moderators and panelists we could refer to them as multiple gold winner John Smith. I think it's important to identify these people so that they can serve as role models for our younger and newer members.

I encourage everyone to familiarize yourself with each other's work. Feel free to reach out to our members with expertise in the type of reporting that you might need help in.

I'd also like to see us look out for one another more. If you're a plugged in member, try to befriend a newcomer. If you're a newcomer, don't hesitate to network with and seek mentoring from our longer-time members. This is a friendly organization and you'll develop great friendships here.

Lastly, we want you to know that we're here to serve you. If you have any questions or ideas for sessions, speakers or topics please let us know. Feel free to contact Mary at madkimba@aol.com or me at dion.haynes@washpost.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Las Vegas!



Annual Journalism Awards: Deadline March 1

Bruss Book Awards: Deadline April 15

Bivins Fellowship Awards: Deadline May 1

• Additional NAREE Honors

- NAREE Lifetime Achievement Award - Board members may nominate candidates, not always annually, who are career real estate journalists who have fostered the profession through outstanding achievement as real estate writers, reporters, columnists and/or editors coupled with exceptional, professional and personal leadership service in advancing the field. NAREE 2017-18 President Dion Haynes, Washington Post Real Estate Editor initiated the award in 2017.  NAREE's inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to columnist Ken Harney of the Washington Post Writers Group in November of 2017. Ken served as NAREE's 2008 president, co-chaired NAREE's 2005 DC conference, chaired NAREE's 2009 DC conference, is a frequent conference advisor and moderator and has also mentored many NAREE members over the years. Ken has won more than two dozen NAREE Journalism Competition Awards, written two real estate books, and hosted a weekly real estate TV show. 

- NAREE Sterling Award - Begun in 2017, NAREE's first Sterling Award was given to NAREE 2005 President, Sue Doerfler, for 25 years of continuous service to the organization.  Sue worked for the Arizona Republic for more than two decades as a reporter and had her own TV show there as well. She has chaired NAREE's Meet the Press for more than 20 years and has won numerous NAREE Journalism Competition Awards.

- NAREE President's Awards - Each year NAREE's President honors outstanding NAREE volunteers for their leadership and service in appreciation for their  time and expertise in assisting with NAREE's Spring Conference and myriad programs. 


Active media members cover residential and commercial real estate, luxury and green building, mortgage, financing and investment, and home and design for the general circulation and trade press. Stories run the gamut from affordable housing, mortgage and capital markets, home buying and selling, office leasing and housing policy to urban planning, retail, hospitality and commercial investments. Members are reporters, writers, columnists, bloggers, editors and producers for major digital, print and broadcast news outlets.

Associate industry members write and blog for industry publications, author real estate books and/or disseminate information print digital and broadcast news outlets to the media. Some also write for independent media part time. 


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NAREE Past Presidents

2017 Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer

2016 Steve Brown, Dallas Morning News

2015 Shonda Novak, Austin American-Statesman

2014 Daniel Taub, Bloomberg News

2013 Kris Hudson, Wall Street Journal

2012 Harold Bubil, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

2011 Leigh Robinson, Express Publishing

2010 Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times

2009 Holden Lewis, Bankrate.com

2008 Ken Harney, Washington Post Writers Group

2007 Lois Weiss, New York Post

2006 Al Heavens, Philadelphia Inquirer

2005 Sue Doerfler, Arizona Republic

2004 Michael Desiato, Real Estate Forum

2003 Greg Thomas, Times-Picayune

2002 Carl Larsen, San Diego Union-Tribune

2001 Dick Barnes, Los Angeles Times

2000 Earni Young, Philadelphia Daily News

NAREE Headquarters

1003 NW 6th Terrace

Boca Raton, FL 33486


561-391-0099 FAX

 NAREE 2017 President's Message

By Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer

NAREE Network Provides a Chance to Meet the People You’ve Been Reading about for Years

When I started writing about real estate in 2005, I had no idea that NAREE existed.

It was pure serendipity that, in 2013, a solicitation for the organization’s annual real estate journalism awards contest ended up in my mailbox – and that I, as someone generally averse to awards competitions, decided to respond. I’m so glad that I did.

Being part of NAREE has opened me up to a much broader world of real estate writers and editors. I’ve met people whose bylines I had been reading for years. And I’ve met people whose work I should have been reading.

As president of this group, I hope that I can help to provide similar opportunities for other journalists, particularly at a time when daily demands for online content and our thinning ranks can make newsroom camaraderie feel like a thing of the past.

If you’re a current member, thank you. If you’re reading this because you’re considering a membership, please join. And mark your calendar for our 51st annual spring conference, set to will take place in Denver in June. The value of the experience, the professionals you’ll meet and the friends you’ll make will far exceed the cost.

Lastly, if you wandered onto this website by mistake, take a minute to get to know us. And consider whether a journalist you know might benefit from being part of a nearly 90-year-old organization that represents more than 600 members with a wealth of experience in real estate topics, ranging from mortgage finance to green construction to home design.

If you have questions or suggestions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can find me via email at mjarboe@plaind.com or call me at 216.316.7024. Track me down on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. (Or tell me why there’s some other social media site I ought to be using.)

I’m eager to hear your ideas for this organization, for programming and events and for getting the message out about the important work that NAREE members do. I’m privileged to be playing this role, and I’m committed to making the most of it.