NAREE's 52nd Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada - June 13-16, 2018 at Planet Hollywood Resort

NAREE presented its journalism awards last night in Las Vegas during the annual real estate journalism conference.  Details here on under the "Journalism Contest" tab  at the top of the page.

Earlier in the day NAREE presented the Bruss Book Awards. Details are under the "Book Contest" tab.

NAREE leaders also announced that journalists will meet next year in Austin, Texas at the Hyatt Regency from June 26-29.  More details on that soon.

To come to the next conference NAREE asks members to update their membership.

1. Pay your 2018 dues (if you haven't already - does not apply to speakers). Renew or Join NAREE - CLICK HERE. 

 An Austin conference registration form is coming soon.

2. After your have paid your dues or joined, register for the conference with NAREE. Click HERE to download the 2018 Las Vegas Spring Conference Registration Form. (Applies to all.)  Everyone must make his or her own hotel reservation.Conference badge pre-registration is still available. The deadline has passed for pre-registrant names to be listed in NAREE's 2018 conference program book.

On-site NAREE conference registration is only available on a space available basis.  Call or text: 561-391-1983 first.


A link to the Hyatt Regency Hotel will be posted soon

3. Make your hotel reservation directly with the Planet Hollywood Resort, click HERE 

There is no penalty if you cancel  your hotel 72 hours prior to check-in. 

NAREE hotel room block rates were subject to expiration on  5/29/2018.  Hotel may extend at its discretion.


Questions/problems with registration or membership — contact the NAREE office. Email: or text/voicemail: 561-391-1983.  


Site of the 2018 conference which just concluded.



NAREE Las Vegas Conference Tentative Agenda as of 06/05/2018

Check for Agenda Updates here on • Schedule subject to change - Note: all NAREE functions are on Mezzanine, the floor above the Casino level.

Green Room - Speaker Ready Room • Wed - Fri - Sunset Room 2

Cyber Cafe - Press Room • Wed - Fri - Celebrity 5 

Zen Tea - Quiet Press Room • Wed - Fri -Sunset 1 

Wednesday • June 13 (All sessions in the Ballroom Celebrity 6&7 unless otherwise indicated. Tour is off-site.) 

 8:30 AM  Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up -- Celebrity 6 & & 7 Ballroom Foyer 

 8:30 AM  Welcome Breakfast & NAREE University: The Anatomy of an Award-Winning Story - Lessons Learned from the 67th Annual Real Estate Journalism Competition: Moderator: Shannon Behnken, WFLA-Tv, Tampa

 9:25 AM  Welcome to Las Vegas: Eli Segall, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Introduction: NAREE President Dion Haynes, Washington Post

 9:40 AM Opening Address: Top Ten issues facing Real Estate: Joseph G. Nehas, CRE Chairman

 10:20 AM Hotel & Casino Trends - New Designs & Luxuries: Moderator: Richard Webner, San Antonio Express-News

 11:20 AM America's Housing Marke and the Great Migration: Taylor Marr, Redfin: Moderator: NAREE Board Chair Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer

NOON       Lunch & NAREE University: Hashtag # YOU - Build your Own Personal Brand to Generate Likes, Followers and Re-Tweets: Moderator: Tony Wilbert, CoStar News

 1:05 PM   Harvard Joint Center Report: Dr. Chris Herbert

 1:40 PM   New Landlords and Cutting-Edge Investors. Moderator: Nancy Sarnoff, Houston Chronicle

 2:40 PM   The True Impact of E-Commerce  

 3:15 PM   The Retail Armageddon: Is it Real? - Q & A with Stephen Lebovitz, CBL Properties: Moderator: FDaniel Taub, Bloomberg News

 4:00 PM   Mortgage Matters: Moderator Carisa Chappell, inside Mortgage Finance

 5:00 PM   Opening Reception, London Club

 6:05 PM to 8:00 PM  All Aboard NAREE Tour: Green Luxe -  NAREE's Off Strip Sojourn to Ascaya 30 minutes away - Visit the $25 million club house, a rammed earth luxe home and see  terraced home sites carved out of a mountain with killer views of Las Vegas below. Cocktail reception. (See NAREE program book on site - p 32 for more info.)

 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM  President's Hospitality Suite  Suite #2597 North Tower -  30th Floor overlooking the Bellagio Fountains.
A sumptuous spread of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and libations with great company.  The NAREE Suite is NAREE's best-loved and longest-standing tradition.  Be a part of it! 


Thursday • June 14 (All sessions in the Ballroom Celebrity 6&7. Tour is off-site.)

 8:00 AM Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up -- Celebrity 6 & 7 Ballroom Foyer

 8:00 AM   NAREE University Breakfast: Deal With It! Poise and Professionalism in an era of Snark and Sarcasm: Moderator: Lauren Beale, Hot Property blogger, author and former real estate editor Los Angeles Times

 8:50 AM   The Missing Middle - the Search for Attainable housing

 9:50 AM   Commercial Realty Estate Fireside Chat with Christina Roush: Moderator: Catie Dixon, Bisnow

10:25 AM  Home Building Forecast - Roy Dietz, NAHB: Moderator: Devon Thorsby, U. S. news & World Report

11:25 AM  Commercial Outlook 2019: Revathi Greenwood, Cushman & Wakefield: Introduction: NAREE vice President Beth DeCarbo, Wall Street Journal

11:55 AM  Lunch & NAREE University: New Media Species - Exploring the Digital Frontier: Moderator: Ralph Bivins, Realty News Report

 1:05 PM  Disruptors: Home Buying innovators in the New World Order: Moderator: Ilyce Glink, Think Glink and author of "101 Questions Every First-time Buyer Should Ask" (4th edition)

 2:05 PM   The Workspace Evolution

 3:05 PM   NAREE's Resort and Vacation Homes Symposium: Moderator: Cadence Evans, Second Shelters

 4:00 PM   Barriers to Entry: The Millennial Market

 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM  Throwback Thursday Reception   

 6:05 PM to 7:50 PM  All Aboard the NAREE Tour:  The Immersive Bazaar  - NAREE's off Strip Sojourn to Area 15 - only 15 minutes away  --  Explore this interactive, almost bizarre, bazaar with NAREE journalists from around the country -- the perfect way to get to know colleagues AND find out if this innovative concept is coming to a redevelopment zone near you. Hear why Meow Wolf is expecting 1.7 visitors a year. Cocktail Reception and see what Las Vegas has to offer off the Strip. A quick, fun trip with great company. (See NAREE program book on site - p 32 for more info.)

 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM President's Hospitality Suite -  Suite #2597 North Tower -  30th Floor overlooking the Bellagio Fountains. Delicious hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and libations with great company.  The NAREE Suite is NAREE's best-loved and longest-standing tradition. Be a part of it!


Friday • June 15 (All sessions in the Celebrity Ballroom 6&7 unless indicated below)

 8:00 AM Registration and Meet the Press Sign-up - Ballroom Foyer

 8:00 AM NAREE University Breakfast: Map Wizardry - tools for Geographic Real Estate Research: Moderator: J. Scott Trubey, Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

 8:50 AM Experiential Marketplaces - 

Moderator: Joe Gose, freelance writer for the New York Times and others.

 9:50 AM Multifamily Outlook: Moderator: Suzann Silverman, Multi-Housing News.

10:45 AM  Mid-Year Economic Forecast - Moderator: Steve Brlow, Dallas Morning News

NOON       NAREE's Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards Luncheon & Awards Presentation - Celebrity Ballroom 1

1:10 PM   Finding the Buyer's Pulse 

1:45 PM    Sustainability Spotlight

2:40 PM    Luxury Homes - Moderator: Mark Moffa, unique Homes

3:45 PM    NAREE’s Meet the Press - Celebrity Ballroom 8

6:15 PM    Journalists Red Carpet Reception & Photo Fest (journalists and their family only) - Gallery

7:00 PM  to 9:00 PM  68th Annual NAREE Journalism Competition Awards Presentation and Reception -- Award Presentation NAREE President, NAREE Vice President  and NAREE Chairman of the Board 


Saturday • June 16 (Both sessions: Celebrity Ballroom 6) 

 8:30 AM    NAREE University Breakfast: Saturday Morning Review of Award Winning Work  with top journalist winners of NAREE's 68th Annual Competion- Moderator: Catie Dixon, Bisnow.

 9:30 AM    General Membership Meeting -- NAREE President Dion Haynes, Washington Post

10:00 AM   Conference Ends



NAREE University: 2018 Sessions* 

Here's a quick look at NAREE University curated by NAREE Vice President Beth DeCarbo, Wall Street Journal.

Wednesday 8:30 AM - June 13th
The Anatomy of An Award-Winning Story
Moderator: Shannon Behnken, WFLA TV, Tampa 
Lessons learned from NAREE 67th Journalism Competition:
-Where the story idea came from
-Anticipating roadblocks
-Overcoming Obstacles

Wednesday Noon - June 13th
Hashtag #YOU
Moderator: Tony Wilbert, Senior News Editor, CoStar Group
Build your personal brand to generate Likes, Followers and Retweets:
-Use keywords, photos and other SEO strategies to build audience numbers
-How your digital profile can attract scoops and exclusives
-Position your work to silence the noise of FAKE NEWS
-Make yourself impervious to the next buyout--or create a bidding war when applying for your next (better) job

Thursday 8 AM - June 14th
Deal With It!
Moderator: Lauren Beale, Freelance Writer, Hot Property Blogger, Author and
Former Real Estate Editor, Los Angeles Times
Poise and professionalism in an era of snark and sarcasm:
-How to handle angry readers, hostile sources and pushy pitches
-Call out harassment and other inappropriate behavior
-Learn to respond and move on (and not go crazy)
Moderator: Lauren Beale, Freelance writer and former real estate editor of the Los Angeles Times

Thursday Noon - June 14th
New Media Species Editors’ Forum
Moderator: Ralph Bivins, Realty News Report
Exploring the Expanding Digital Frontier
-Digital resources for fact-checking
-Stay current online with a developing story
Moderator: Ralph Bivins, Realty News Report

Friday 8 AM - June 15th
Map Wizardry
Moderator: J. Scott Trubey, Staff Writer, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Tools for geographic real-estate research:
-Understand geomapping and decipher satellite images
-Pinpoint neighborhoods and ZIP Codes for deep dives into data
-Overlay maps with real-estate data
-Use Pictometry and street views to acquire digital images (plus: Drone dos and don'ts)

Saturday 8:30 AM - June 15th
Saturday Morning Review of Award Winning Work.
Moderator: Catie Dixon, Managing Editor, Bisnow
Winners of NAREE's 68th Annual Real Estate Journalism Competition will share backstories on:
-Digging for data
-Searching for and selecting the right story for in-depth reporting
* NAREE University Courses and schedule subject to change.

NAREE’s Meet the Press in Las Vegas

By NAREE Sue Doerfler, NAREE Past President, Meet the Press Chair, and former award-winning journalist wth the Arizona Republic 

Where can reporters and editors get 10 to 20 potential story ideas in an hour? Where can publicists pitch their story ideas in person to a wide variety of publications in a short period of time? Where can columnists and freelancers consult with editors about their columns or learn more about what publications need in the way of information? Where can authors go to tell the media about their books?

NAREE’s Meet the Press

This event, now in its 22nd year, promises a fun, fast-paced and informative opportunity for both Journalist and Industry members from around the country to meet at one time, under one roof. During this year’s event, which is slated for Friday, June 15, at approximately 4:00 PM. Conference registrants can sign up for a series of three-minute, one-on-one interviews with dozens of journalists who are participating. Sign-up sheets will be in the registration area the first three days of the conference. You can only sign up for NAREE's Meet the Press at the NAREE Conference.

         Tips for public relations professionals:

  • Before you sign up for an appointment, do your homework. Make sure it’s a good match. If your want to talk about residential real estate, don't sign up for a meeting with reporters who cover ONLY commercial real estate. Get to know the media outlet and the work of the individual by checking online ahead of time.  Meet the Press isn't until Friday, June 15  so you have time to re-check info about reporters even after you arrive in Las Vegas.

  • Show off your new products, clients and projects to editors, writers and columnists.

  • Hand out flash drives filled with the information. These are lighter and less bulky than press kits for journalists to carry back home. Be sure to have an online link to your information to text the journalist you are meeting with if possible.  Not everyone wants a flash drive.

  • Check the Meet the Press Sign-up sheets occasionally. Sometimes appointments are changed or canceled and you may be able to sign up for an unexpected opening. 

    Tips for journalists:

  • Come to Meet the Press at least 10 minutes early and find the table with your name on it.

  • Bring your laptop to show off your digital publication.

  • Don’t forget a stack of business cards, too.

    Tips for everyone:

      • Be sure to have fun. Meet the Press is a great way to meet other NAREE members.