NAREE's Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference

NAREE's 2020 Conference 

NAREE's 54th Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference is going virtual.  It will be held online on Wednesday, December 9 and Thursday, December 10.  The board voted to change the conference from an in-person meeting to an on-line conference because of ongoing travel restrictions stemming from health and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration details will be posted shortly. NAREE will hold both professional development sessions and industry forecast and trends panels, as well as networking events at this virtual conference.  
Please check back here for more details in the next two weeks. NAREE leaders are currently working on the following:  
NAREE University’s peer-to-peer skill-building journalism workshops to be offered at the conference.
NAREE Vice President Jeff Collins, Orange County Register/Southern California Newspaper Group award-winning reporter is NAREE University's 2020 Dean.
This year's sessions will help journalists:
• Ramp up investigative reporting skills for real estate stories
• Consider limits on social media posts
• Exchange insights on covering COVID-19's impact on real estate
• Get up to speed on social justice issues affecting real estate
• Meet with writers and editors who produced some of the year’s standout real estate journalism.
Headliner panels for journalists covering commercial and residential real estate to be offered in morning and afternoon sessions.
Attendees will hear from economists, industry analysts, developers, builders, brokers and other real estate newsmakers in panel sessions moderated by NAREE’s award-winning media leaders.
NAREE 2020 will zero in on COVID-19 and its impact on new home building, multifamily/mixed use, seniors housing, retail, hospitality, office markets, resale transactions, mortgage rates, capital sources, luxe, wellness design and more.
Expect award winning journalists to moderate panels with industry experts on:
• Climate change and the built environment -- zoning and code conflicts, mixed use modifications, architectural and engineering innovations, and more
• New mortgage opportunities
• Data analytics and economic forecasts
• Multifamily shifts
• Outlooks on hotels and resorts 
• Mall metamorphoses
• Luxury and second home trends
• Suburban migration
• Office trends
• Affordable housing
NAREE’s 2020 conference is designed to boost your career and help you meet peers covering real estate journalism.

NAREE's annual conference brings journalists together for professional development, the 70th annual journalism awards celebration, residential and commercial real estate industry trends panels and more.

NAREE Conference Policy Statement — Code of Conduct

NAREE’s conference mission is to bring members together to elevate the profession of real estate journalism by providing a platform to exchange best practices in real estate journalism and to learn about the latest trends, innovations, forecasts and resources in the real estate industry. Many thousands of hours — including volunteer hours — go into creating an environment that fosters this mission. To assure that everyone involved with the conference benefits fully from the conference, NAREE, following a move by other professional organizations, has created a code of conduct. This code of conduct is specifically designed to support a healthy, safe and non-threatening environment for all.

Conference registrants, leaders, moderators, volunteers, speakers, panelists, and conference staff must read and agree to follow NAREE’s conference policy before they attend the conference.

This code of conduct policy applies to all NAREE conferees (listed above) and all conference and event spaces, including registration, meeting rooms, reception areas, hospitality suites, field trip transportation and venues, as well as and social media referencing NAREE and/or #NAREE2019. 

Conferees must agree to comport themselves in a professional manner while attending NAREE conference events, just as they are expected to do in their respective workplaces. They must exercise good judgment not to intentionally offend, intimidate or harass fellow conferees. All conferees should take good care to remain in group event areas during conference event functions and to follow safe practices during off hours.

 Here are some specific protocols:

If you have any concerns that a conference participant or group of participants is not following NAREE’s policy and/or you believe that an individual or group is deliberately behaving in an unhealthy, intimidating or harassing manner, please contact NAREE’s Executive Director or a member of NAREE’s Executive Board immediately. If you cannot spot a NAREE leader during meeting hours, please go to the NAREE Conference Registration Desk and request that a NAREE leader come to the desk to meet with you.  If you are at a NAREE social event, please contact the NAREE event leader listed in the conference program book who will contact NAREE’s Executive Director and Executive Board Members as quickly as possible. Please note NAREE conference media leader photos are in the conference program book. 

If the unacceptable behavior emanates from someone not affiliated with the conference, and you are not in a conference area, please go to the Front Desk of the hotel and ask for hotel security first. Please also ask the hotel representative to help you contact a NAREE leader to assist you. 

If a NAREE leader has been contacted regarding an episode of harassing, intimidating or physical misbehavior, after the fact, that leader will contact NAREE’s Executive Director and NAREE’s President. NAREE executive leaders will assess the situation by speaking to both parties as quickly as possible and contacting appropriate authorities if warranted — there will be no exceptions to this protocol. 

Conference participants who are engaged in blatantly intimidating and harassing behavior will be asked to stop the offensive behavior immediately. Participants in question are expected to comply immediately. NAREE conference leaders will warn all associated with the conference who are not acting in the spirit of the conference mission that they may be asked to leave the conference.

Here are some specific examples of unacceptable behaviors: 

  • Voicing offensive comments to others at the conference related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion and disability.
  • Deliberately intimidating or stalking others at the conference.
  • Initiating inappropriate or non-consensual physical contact and/or unwelcome sexual attention at any time during NAREE’s conference.
  • Disrupting speakers, panelists, moderators or NAREE leaders at NAREE conference events.
  • Defacing NAREE property and/or breaking into locked NAREE conference spaces and unlawfully removing or damaging property that is not their own.

If a participant in question has been warned, ignores the warning and continues to engage in inappropriate behavior, NAREE’s Executive Director and Executive Board may immediate expel the participant in question from the NAREE conference without a conference fee refund, among other appropriate action. If criminal activity is suspected, law-enforcement officials will be contacted. If physical abuse is suspected, medical and mental-health professionals may be contacted as well.

Audio Visual/Social Media Harassment:  NAREE asks that all associated with the conference ask permission before taking photos or recording other conferees and placing said photos and recordings on social media or Web sites of any kind; or disseminating said photos and recordings in any manner whatsoever. Photos of and comments by panelists are exempt from this policy and may be distributedPlease note: NAREE reserves and retains the right to appoint official photographers and videographers at the conference to photograph and record group events for publicity and educational purposes. Any individual who does not want to be officially photographed or recorded either individually or as part of a group shot, must email the conference director at five (5) working days prior to the Wednesday start of the conference, and must make every effort to step out of any posed photos or pre-planned videos.