Making the Case for NAREE's June Conference in Austin

Content and professional development planned for both residential and commercial reporters; networking and renewal time built in; and take aways from the awards programs.



Beth DeCarbo, Wall Street Journal News Editor;  2019 NAREE President 


One of the biggest trends in real estate today is the use of “big data” to forecast trends, point out patterns and predict consumer behavior. Yet even with mountains of stats produced each day, one thing is missing in the world of artificial intelligence: It’s intelligence.

Readers rely on journalists to interpret the flood of information coming at them in a 24/7 new cycle. We dig deep to understand what the numbers are (and aren’t) saying. But with daily deadlines it’s not always easy to learn the skills required for critical analysis.

At NAREE, our top goal is to expose journalists to tools and resources that can sharpen any story, regardless the publishing format. You’ll hear from leading economists and other analysts who make sense of the numbers. And you’ll network with peers to learn how they make data digestible for their audiences.

But journalists do far more than that, don’t you think? We write about the people behind the real estate and describe what “home” means to them. We tackle topics that show how public policy, family dynamics and even Mother Nature affect buying and selling. We examine how developers and investors are shaping our skylines and shopping malls.

I look forward to meeting you in Austin and invite you to take advantage of everything NAREE has to offer. You’ll come away with sharper skills, new contacts and, hopefully, a happy grin from some awesome Texas barbecue.