Executive Director Notes

Dear NAREE Visitors,

NAREE’s social media presence is growing. Please follow us on Twitter (@NAREEnews), Instagram (instagram.com/NAREEnews), and Facebook (fb.com/NAREEnews). We are committed to sending the latest news about NAREE members, our profession and to offering sneak peaks on upcoming events and conferences. Hope you “like" what you see.

Besides online connections, NAREE members get together in person. Think about joining us as we meet around the country in three different cities each year. As an association with active members including reporters, writers, editors, columnists, and bloggers in the broad field of real estate, NAREE's June conference makes it easy to network with colleagues and keep abreast of real estate trends. Expect mid-year updates from real estate economists, CEOs, top home builders and brokers, and urban planners. Each NAREE conference also offers tours of site-specific national trends, peer-to-peer professional development aka “NAREE University," and our journalism and book awards programs.

If you have information for naree.org, please feel free to send me your comments, suggestions or other feedback on how NAREE can better serve you. 

I welcome stories about how to cover housing and commercial real estate, and how to track down sources online. You could also send me links to actual stories done in your market (with permission from your news outlet of course) that would be helpful to NAREE members in other markets, i.e., this is how we covered the urban renewal efforts in our downtown, or a story showing why a new sports arena brought redevelopment around it, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at madkimba@aol.com 

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Mary Doyle-Kimball
NAREE Executive Director